As of December 1, 2018, we added Sosuishiryu’s Iai-Jutsu kata “Koshi no mawari” on Saturday afternoons from 3:45 pm. – 4:30 pm.

These sword techniques are part of Sosuishi-ryu’s curriculum and have 360 years of history.  Come learn, practice, and be graded in these kata independently from Sosuishi-ryu’s “Kumi Uchi” (grappling) kata. This is a rare opportunity to experience some of the true fighting techniques of the Samurai of Kyushu, Japan.

We had our first Sosuishi-ryu Iai-Jutsu class on Saturday, December 1, 2018.  It was a great success! Bill Kinkel was assisted by Rondy Angoy and Roberto Cambeiro, (2 current student/instructors that already practice the Iai Jutsu), and were joined by 3 new students of Iai-Jutsu including one 9 1/2 year old student from our children’s Jujutsu class. We are very excited about moving forward into 2019. We have great students, classes are the best that they have ever been in all of the 27+ years teaching at the dojo, energy in the dojo is also the highest it’s ever been, and we are never looking back! A big thank you to all of our loyal and hardworking students.

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